Organic Farming in Greece

The Fall of a major actor on the organic farming market

The  2006-201 period was especially difficult for us organic famers, due mainly to the implosion of Agra, one of the biggest traders of organic farming in the region, with 5 million euros annual revenue (out of which a good deal went to a supermarket chain and to Germany). Agra was allegedly pressured into investing 6 million euros to build a new packaging facility. Agra joined a development programme from the Ministry which covered only part of the investment cost, then had to borrow money. Unfortunately, the government money, which was supposed to come when the construction started, arrived so late that the bank had already charged millions in interests. For two years, instead of paying the producers from which they were still purchasing, they had to pay the banks and mortgage their own home.

Owing organic farmers considerable amounts of money, the situation quickly went downward.

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