October 2021: First order of the season “Strawberry” grapes!


We visited Vaggelis farm to hear more about the grapes and we are happy to share with you a little video where Vaggelis shares his thoughts. We hope to share many more videos like this so that you can all feel closer to the places and people where your food comes from!

We are so happy to be preparing for our first delivery of the season to our friends in Czech Republic! We wanted to share some pictures of the wonderful “Strawberry” grapes we will be sending them. We are very proud of these grapes, Vaggelis has spent months taking care of them to make sure that they will be super tasty for everyone to enjoy! They are so much more special than the regular commercial grape varieties being sold. Tastier, a fuller taste in the mouth, beautiful colour with pips just like nature intended. Highly recommended.


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