Your Feedback

...Is very important and means a lot to us!

  • It is crucial for us to know what went wrong with the fruits and/or the transport, so we can improve next time!
  • It is a major booster for our self-confidence in our ability to work together and make you happy! 🙂

Some groups taking part in our Solidarity Exports are already started getting back to us on a regular basis, an exchange of information that proved invaluable: check out their pages:

Please feel free and encouraged to leave a comment on those pages via the short post form at the bottom.

There is so much to think about at the moment (long term cultivation and grafting plan, pruning our tree, organizing the deliveries, transforming our produce, not to mention complying with all the bureaucracy we are required to do and fix our tools that need our constant attention) that we are not readily capable of maintaining a strong and steady channel of communication.

BUT dont think for a minute we wouldn’t like to, nor that we’re not reading your feedback , even less that we’re not taking it into account: WE REALLY DO, silently but we do, and in the near future we want to improve in this area and we are currently thinking on sending a newsletter before the deliveries.

So please bear with us and continue to write us on our website, post your comments on our Facebook page or send us emails @, mentioning which group you’re in!