Helping hands


Maria Kyriakopoulou

Maria lives in Athens when she’s not digging around interesting information to feed our Facebook page.

She proved invaluable in changing the look and feel of our website, hope you like it!

Lili Kalashi Mefail a.k.a. "Giorgios"

Giorgios is Vangelis neighbor across the street, long time friend and farm worker.

Always smiling and happy, he’s been the right arm of Koinobio since before it even started, helping with all kinds of tasks to produce, maintain and treat the trees and fruits: weeding, pruning, watering, fixing etc.

His genial humour and hard working makes life easier for everyone and a pleasure to work with him.

Ilias a.k.a "Xilias"

A jack of all trades, Ilias has helped to picking to wood fencing and the realization of many crazy ideas.

He self-identifies as a “life wrestler” and is happier in his wood workshop and his garden than anywhere else.

Florian Kalashi

The Florian is the son of Giorgios, now. He is living away from Corinth but is always happy to help when he’s down here.

Nicolas Cressot

Nico helped us with our IT. He designed the website, created our Cloud in outer space and our online photo gallery.

He also came twice to help picking and shipping the fruits he would himself receive in Brussels from the international truck with his van, fruits he would distribute to his group in Belgium.