Our Organic Produce


There are few things that can give the simple satisfaction of freshly grown organic produce. Especially if they have been grown on small plots of land or “Perivolia” as they are called in Greece.  If you come visit us (and we hope you do!) you will have the chance to walk with us down narrow dirt roads with a view of the Acrocorinth with small orchards on both sides full of fruit. Each orchard has its own slightly different conditions, different plants close to it and the resulting fruit have their own individual lively taste.

Everyone remembers an especially delicious fruit they had.  It had to do with the freshness of it, the aroma.   Fruit are really the ideal food because they were intended by nature to entice and nourish the animal or person who eats them.  And the fruit from our orchards do exactly that.  Grown in small orchards they receive individual attention and care.  The ground is also cared for, our orchards have not been tilled for many years.  We carefully use our water resources to ensure ideal conditions.  And then we pick the fruits right before we send them to you when they are perfectly ripe.  So much of the fruit that is available to us these days is emerging from a completely different set of circumstances.  

Our climate conditions: the nutrients in the earth, the proximity to the sea, the sunlight have been shown over the years to be ideally suited to these types of produce:  Citrus fruit with the orange being the king, figs at the end of the summer, grapes and raising and of course olive oil and honey, herbs and essential oils.  We have gathered here for you the staples of the Mediterranean diet in their most delicious locally produced form full of vitamins and antioxidants.