Parmenion Gatos

“I cultivate a traditional variety of sesame (brown sesame) since 2012. The cultivation is a marriage between traditional and modern techniques. Harvesting we do by hand, we cut the sesame while still green and make into bails that are stacked standing in the sun to dry. After they dry, we shake them on cloths by hand, then the seed is cleaned of foreign matter and goes for grinding. This was we assure the best quality for the sesame seeds. The processing is done in a partner in Athens, it is washed, roasted at a low temperature at
60 degrees and ground in a stone mill, with its bark and it becomes wholemeal tahini. All with the standards of organic production and processing. It is controlled and certified by BioHellas.”


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Sesame paste made from a traditional variety of sesame (brown sesame). Roasted at low temperature (60°) with its bark to become wholemeal taxini.

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Giorgios Bisiotis

“Once I craved my neighbour’s grapes, looking so bog, so good and colorful, healthy and irrestible. So much so that I couldn’t help myself but try them. I took some and ate them. The minute I ate them I realised they were just hay, like conventional grape generally are.

I threw them away, went back home and ate some of my own.”

Grape Syrup

A true nectar to accomodate your salads or transfom your cooking 🙂